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“Not only am I back to myself, I’m better than I ever was!”

Karen Billingsley

Experience the art and science of using your life to evolve your soul. 

Are you ready to take yoga off the mat and into your life?  Would you like to cultivate a life of greater peace and calm?  What are you waiting for?
Relationship Wellness

Our lives take place in the context of relationships.  You have relationships with yourself, with others and with LIFE itself.  Relationships can be like a yoga mat that is slung over your shoulders in every moment of life.  It’s so ever-present, you might not even be aware of the impact of your relationships on your overall sense of well-being.

Our relationships both define and reflect who we are and where we are stuck. From my perspective, relationships might just be one of the most perfect practice spaces for yoga.

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Spiritual Wellness

The sense of separation most of us experience is in contrast to the understanding that we are ONE. Further, the vast majority of problems we experience in daily life are rooted in the tension between pairs of opposites. This tension not only inhibits our sense of personal well-being but robs us of spiritual wellness – that felt sense of unity.

The release of this tension through the integration of polarities gradually helps people become established in a greater sense of Oneness.

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PeaceFruit Radio

PeaceFruit Radio is a monthly program where we are exploring the essence of yoga on and off the mat, featuring yoga and meditation teachers along with leading experts in the field of practical spirituality.

This is a show about how to use the principles of yoga to help listeners cultivate sustainable personal peace and relationship harmony.

Most people who are interested in yoga are aiming to cultivate a more balanced life and more harmony in their relationships. On PeaceFruit Radio, we are looking to share ways to do just that – create more life balance and relationship harmony.

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